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I think I finally figured out how to format a story properly in A03!

For some reason, that archive always changes bits of my story into a numbered format. It's puzzling, but I think I've got it licked.

I uploaded a short, very old (but complete!) chaptered story to the archive as part of my attempts to get all my WIPs completed and my fic in one single place.
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I've got a large pile of work to do today.

It has to be done right.
It has to be done quickly.
It has to be done by this afternoon.
It is very fiddly.
It is also very messy.
I must read, sort, comment on, and summarize over 300 pages (letter sized, size 8 font for half of it). 

Then I must make an excel spreadsheet to summarize the summaries and send it out by this afternoon.  Did I mention that the work is the sort that can be anxiety-inducing and/or stressful by its nature?

I thought I would live blog how I approach this kind of project.

I know some folks find approaches to mastering procrastination/work blocks interesting.  I've made huge strides in this area, personally, so I thought it might be fun to talk about. 

If I get done early enough, or if there's interest, I'll talk a bit about the theory behind why I do things the way I do them. 
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ETA: 11:23, two more rounds.  


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