Dec. 19th, 2015

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 OK, so another post is due later today!  (Yes, I'm way late!)

But in the meantime......

So, I purchased the puppy from a high-end breeder who asked that I feed at least partially raw, especially during her developmental years.  I was amenable to this.  Dog nutrition is quite complex, so we feed half raw and half pre-made.

I'll skip the long, boring story about us trying various chi-chi dog foods before discovering some that agreed with her system.  We've now got a couple that she does well on.

Which means that I can now get rid of the absolutely mind-boggling array of top-notch Honest Kitchen foods that I bought.  If you have never heard of Honest Kitchen dog foods, they are really excellent quality.  Rather than a kibble, these are dehydrated foods that you mix with water.  This turns them from a powder into a sort of thick porridge.  

Why a porridge?  This makes the food more digestible and more 'normal'.  Kibble itself isn't really a normal form of food.  The recent Australian research found that dogs prone to bloat had less chance of bloat if they were fed, uh, table scraps, rather than just regular approved dog-food, which still cracks me up (the researchers were obviously hoping to get another chance to yell at pet owners who give table scraps but were Foiled).  Anyway, the extreme dry kibble can be tough for some dogs, and a more natural water-containing food is easier on the system in general.  

HK is also the only pet food company that not only uses human grade ingredients, but has been inspected by the FDA (at HK's own request!) to human-food-grade standards.  

This is all fab-tastic, but makes the food unbelievably expensive.  (I know, what a surprise.)

This is the brand I started with for the puppy and she ate it for quite a while before turning up her elegant and Germanic snout.  Therefore I now have an ungodly number of boxes of gold-standard dog food that will go to waste if I don't find a home for it.  I've already donated a bunch of 'didn't work out' kibbles to the local rescue, but I don't know that they're really set up for feeding their pups porridge, so I'm offering it here, at a steep discount.  

Most of the boxes have only a couple servings removed.  She used to eat Thrive, which is why I have so many boxes of it.  The others were bought as sample sizes; we'd take out a little, offer it to her, she'd try it once, then refuse all subsequent offers.  We've determined she's a fairly picky eater, especially around Hormonal Girl Time.  Anyway, I can weigh the boxes if anyone wants to know for sure how much is left of each.

I'd like to get about 50% of the cost back, but if no one takes it at 50%, I'd take less.  I'm not sure how much shipping will actually cost, but I'm using a guestimate of $15.  Anything above the $15 is on me.  If I can somehow get it shipped for less, I'll refund the difference.

I'm listing the retail price, then the 50% off.  IDEALLY, I'd love to send it to one person.

Thrive: free-range chicken and quinoa, three TEN POUND boxes, one box unopened, retail at $98 each, total is $294.  I would like $140
Verve: Ranch-raised beef, 4 pounds, retail is $40, asking $18.
Keen: Cage-free turkey, 2 pounds, retail $18, asking $8.
Force: Free-range chicken, 2 pounds, retail $26, asking $13.
Hale: Base-mix, add your own meat, UNOPENED, 3 pounds, retail $36, asking $18.

Total asking price for all the food: $197 plus $15 shipping, is $212.  Total retail price is $414.  

I will ship to anywhere US for the $15; I take paypal; comment if you'd like to buy.

Any takers?  


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